Biggest Baddest Bucket List (2013)

The competition was called Biggest Baddest Bucket List. The prize was a trip around the world and an $50k extra once you got back.
The briefing was "Show us a city. Be creative"
To explain in advance, Ben Southall was the guest judge for the competition. He later tweeted me saying he was stunned and even moved by my video but that he was not involved in picking the winning videos and would only be in the final, to help choose one of the 10 finalists.
I can mantain a feeling of humbleness whilst saying that this video, the only entry with a song composed specifically for the competition, was a sure winner to me. Most of other participants felt the same. I was confident, and I'd say 90% sure I would make it to the ten finalists. I lost.
Lesson learned: Companies want good ROI on their marketing ventures. So when they say "5 finalists will be chosen by the number of likes and 5 by the quality of the video" they actually mean "5 finalist will be chosen by the number of likes, the other 5 will be the ones we prefer amongst the 20 most liked."
Still worth it though. Still a beautiful day! Move on!