Winning Shortfilm: Mcdonalds Player Escort (2012)

By winning this shortfilm competition I won a trip to Euro2012 Ukraine to watch the Portugal-Germany match. Instructions were "Celebrate one of Portugal's goals" and I only heard about the contest at 4pm on the deadline date.
I used the theme to naturally exaggerate, show off the beautiful city of Porto and, of course, add some well needed humour on such a rainy day. Though I was very tempted, I resisted using music. I felt the film would feel longer and "rainier" without it and was pleased with the outcome.
My little bro met Ronaldo, told him "You're better than Messi", walked onto the pitch holding his hand and sang the anthem by his side. I guess I wont have to buy him birthday or Christmas gifts till he's about 20.

UPDATE: A national TV came to our house and interviewed us for a piece. They amped up the audio at 2:00 so you can hear my brother tell Ronaldo: "You're better than Messi"! PRICELESS!
Watch it here.