Rufo do Vale Dona Maria (2013)

The wine's name, Rufo, is the name of a Portuguese traditional drum.
I knew I wanted to create a unique film, a film that could transmit just how Douro-esque all the elements involved were. The traditional drums, the beat of the valley, the beat of time, the passing of generations, the winemaking, the care, the smells, the river, the sunlight, the old trains, the Douro, and most of all, the people.
A film to show the world a glimpse of a place as dear to us as the Douro Valley.

Having said this, a story is much more fun than a Synopsis:
When confronted with making this film, the first image that popped into my head was a drum being played in first person with the Douro river rushing below in all it's splendour.
This of course meant we needed a drum as seen on the wine's label. We set out to find a Rufo maker in the area and as soon as I met the family that made these traditional drums I absolutely knew they had to be part of the film. I completely fell for the handcraft, the age-old process, the family values, the sympathy and the same kind of care I had seen in the winemaking.
The parallelism was born.
The film was made.

Written, Directed & Music by Tomás Magalhães (
Director of Photography: Raquel Vidal (
Music and Sound recorded by João Pequeno (
Voice-over: Constanca Guimarães

A warm thankyou to Oficina de Artesanato Cesar (
Quinta Vale Dona Maria (